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Mafa Montageservice Sp. z o.o. is an outsource steel assembling and fabrication company located in Swidnica, Poland, providing precision metal works. Our company was founded in 2004 by Mafa Apparate u.Behaelt. GmbH, Germany as   a general welding and fabrication enterprise.
Mafa Montageservice specialise in providing welding and assembling staff within EU countries . Our highly skilled welders use TIG, MIG, plasma and submerged arc welding systems.  We focus on all kind of steel constructions as well as storage tanks produced at our partner's plants mostly on limited order base .
We co-operate with producers of vehicles, tanks, shipyards, power plants as well as other smaller companies where we provide general welding service.  
We provide our staff with accommodation, commuter cars, uniforms and  necessary tools. Our staff speak basic German or English language.
Our experience is proved with references such multinational companies as ALSTOM, GREENBRIER, RUUKKI and VOLVO.
If your company need skilled cost effective welders for a few month term or longer or if you seek for other professionals within steel industry please feel free to  contact us and we will discuss the details.